The Ihsan forum is a non-profit association founded by Tigraya’s Muslims living in Sweden on March 19, 2012. The reason why Ihsan forum was founded was partly that the need to gather and organize Tigraya’s Muslims in Sweden and partly to Tigray’s Muslims as a religious minority in Tigray and ethnic minority in Ethiopia had and has great challenges and difficulties and works for its fundamental needs.


To highlight stories of highlighting the history of peace from the Horn of Africa such as the story of the fair King Negashi in ancient Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa) that provided protection for religious freedom to the first Muslim emigrants sent by Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Abyssinia is one good example of coexistence between Christians and Muslims. This 1400-year-old peace story is a very important source of inspiration and a driving force for peace-building in Tigray, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region. It allows Ethiopia and Africa’s horn to cradle for interfaith dialogue meetings between Muslims and Christians at such an early age in the history of mankind.